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sustainable - innovative - international

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the children of ​today define the ​futures of ​tomorrow

green kids edutainment - an agile ​company that produces and markets ​high-quality, entertaining and ​meaningful content for children. ​Digital from the ground up, ​sustainable, international and with a ​long-term perspective.

we combine entertainment for children with tech and sustainability

Ex​perience & IDEAS

We already created several successful ​entertainment brands for children in the ​last​ years


Highest priority is quality and content ​made with love, combined with inn​ovative technologies, like AI & aut​omation


We have a message and values, that we´re ​implenting in our brands, but always wi​th fun ​and excitement for children

Let´s chat- ready to ​rocket start

Parents & ​kids​

you´re the most importatnt persons ​for us! talk to us, if you want to know ​more about our brands or if you have ​own ideas or questions that you´d ​like to share

brands & ​Comp​anies

if you want to bring sustainabilty to ​children. we are experts, consultants,​ creators, speakers (e.G. at the WEF​ 2024 in Davos)​

Aerial Photography Of Mountain Range
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Welcome to Green Kids Edutainment, where entertainment meets education! We ​are dedicated to creating holistic brands for children's entertainment, spanning ​music, videos, TV series, events, toys, clothing, and more. Our mission is to ​deliver fun and action-packed experiences while instilling values of ​sustainability and imparting valuable knowledge.

At Green Kids Edutainment, we prioritize high-quality, handcrafted content to ​ensure an enriching experience for children worldwide. Our commitment to ​excellence extends to incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as AI and ​blockchain to enhance our offerings and deliver innovative solutions.

Join us on our journey to inspire and empower the next generation through ​engaging entertainment that fosters learning, creativity, and sustainability. ​Let's create a brighter future together, one adventure at a time! Mahalo!